Home Grown Black Males

We have to lead the dialogue about us by Chauncey Nelson

We had learned to make a way for ourselves, when there was nowhere to go. We developed a means to living without knowing what we were living for. We had created a purpose for ourselves when no one was giving us any opportunities. The world had shown us how much it valued us, and we were determined to live up to that expectation.We were failing. The hope and admiration had left our souls. The very reason for engaging in these activities – to create a better means of living – had made us consciously numb. In that room that evening, we all ranged between the ages of 19 to 22 yet believed that life had run its course at a time when most people are just beginning to live. Society shunned us, our community did not have solutions for us, and elders distanced themselves from us. Read more here.

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