Washington University in St. Louis, Brown School of Social Work

Bi-Weekly Mondays 12PM-1:30PM CST CST


Purpose of Journal Club

This journal club is an opportunity for a group of individuals to meet regularly to critically examine recent books or articles in the academic literature that includes: the concept of race as a measure of human difference, the intersection of racism and health, or race in the social lives of American populations. This is an interdisciplinary intellectual space in which doctoral students, postdocs and faculty can critically examine racial statistics, ethnicity, and culture in social and behavioral research. Additionally, the journal club is an opportunity for participants planning on using the concept of race in their research to receive feedback on their work (e.g., papers, manuscripts, or scientific aims) and career development concerns.

Book Selection: Graves Jr., J. L. (2001). The Emperors New Clothes: biological theories of race at the millennium. Rutger University Press.

Ways to Get Involved:

Option 1: Participate via Zoom where you will actively engage in dialogue and help facilitate discussion with other members of the club. You must contact Dennis Boyd at dennis.boyd@wustl.edu or register at redcap.wustl.edu/redcap/surveys/?s=YDAFNEH87K

Option 2: Get involved by viewing our bi-weekly discussion on Facebook Live at https://www.facebook.com/HomeGrownStLouis

Journal Club will be held bi-weekly on Mondays from 12:00 PM-1:30 PM CST

If you have any questions, please contact Dennis Boyd (dennis.boyd@wustl.edu).


Spring 2022 Schedule

February 7th, 2022

Journal Club Overview & Introduction

  • Introduction (pp. 1-11)

February 21nd, 2022

Part I Racial Thinking: Complaints and Disorders

  • Ch 1: The Origin of the Race Concept (pp. 15-22)
  • Ch 2: Colonialism, Slavery, and Race in the New World (pp.23-36)
  • Ch 3: Pre-Darwinian Theories of Biology and Race (pp. 37-51)

March 7th, 2022

Part 2 Darwin and the Survival of Scientific Racism

  • Ch 4: Darwinism Revolutionizes Anthropology (pp. 55 -72)
  • Ch 5: Race and Social Darwinism (pp.74-85)
  • Ch 6:Psuedoscience and the Founding of Eugenics (pp.86-104)

March 21st, 2022

Part 3 Applications and Misapplications of Darwinism

  • Ch 7: Mendelism, the Neo-Darwinian Synthesis, and the Growth of Eugenics (pp. 107-127)
  • Ch 8: Eugenics, Race, and Facsism: The road to Auschwitz Went through Cold Spring Harbor (pp. 128-139)
  • Ch 9: The Retreat and Postwar Revival of Scientific Racism (pp. 140-154)
April 4th, 2021

Part 4 Biological Theories of Race at the Millennium

  • Ch 10: Race and IQ Fallacy (pp. 157-172)
  • Ch 11: The Race and Disease Fallacy (pp. 173-192)
April 18th, 2022
  • Conclusion: What Can or Will We Do Without Race? (pp.193-200)
  • Takeaways and Lessons Learned