HomeGrown StL Professional Development Grant Awardees

Congratulations to the HomeGrown StL Professional Development Grant Winners!

Homegrown STL at Washington University created an opportunity for 11 staff from agencies in our Preferred Provider Network (PPN) to attend at no cost, the 14-week Community Health Worker program through the Workforce Solutions Group at St. Louis Community College. The program runs August 11th through November 24th, 2020. Community Health Workers are liaisons with resources in the communities they serve and they play a vital role in improving Missourian’s health and wellbeing. HomeGrown StL’s Preferred Provider Network (PPN) is committed to strengthening our regional capacity to meet the needs Black boys and young men ages 12-29 by the year 2040. If you organization is interested in joining the Preferred Provider Network please register at: HomeGrown STL.For questions or to learn more about HomeGrown StL, please contact Shelley Flynn-Harding at


Ebony King Adams [Provident, Inc.] Quote – “I want to empower people to advocate for themselves. It is important to teach people what they don't know so they have the opportunity to be successful; thusly, changing the trajectory of their lives.”
Tyrell Manning [Williams & Associates] Quote – “I feel the Community Health Worker Program will strengthen my power to advocate for the health of black and brown people.”
Drew Foster [A Red Circle] Quote – “I am interested in becoming a Community Health Worker because I want to learn more about public health and ways to improve the health of my family and the families in my community. I am also eager to learn how my organization can serve and advocate for Black boys and young men more.”
Keanna Jackson [Provident, Inc.] Quote – “I am interested in becoming a Community Health Worker in hopes to become a vital aid and resource to my community, and help attempt to provoke a positive change in the lives of those I may encounter.”
San Juan Caffey Jr. [Williams & Associates] Quote – “I’m community for community.”
Stephanie Edwards [Provident, Inc.] Quote – “To empower and encourage individuals and groups to be optimistic and realistic about their  potential to have a productive and sustainable future; To help give guidance and support through case-management and social justice advocacy and to help provide information on educational & employment opportunities and how to access community resources.”
Joshua Harshaw [Williams & Associates] Quote – “I am interested in becoming a community health worker because I am currently in the field of health care and this professional development will help me grow more within the work.”
Devonte Jones [Care STL] Quote – “I would like to become a community health care worker because I love helping people and I believe I could bring a lot to the table with my leadership.”
David Dandridge [Williams & Associates] Quote – “I want to be educated about available resources so that I can better serve my community.”
Robert Beckles [Williams & Associates] Quote – “I’m interested in becoming a CHW because I want to increase my capacity to serve my community, especially queer Black boys and men in the St. Louis region, and I want to connect with the community of professionals who are working together for the health of our region as a whole.”

Damon Johnson [Provident, Inc.] Quote – “To help give young black men a chance. A chance to mend and build through the adversity of their environments. We are hearing the same speeches about how “no one cares about us” or “what are we supposed to do?!”. No longer will that be the narrative of those in need.  It’s time to build up our own I am willing and able to help. High aspirations will be attainable.”

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