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Beyond fear of the black male by Curtis O’Dwyer

On August 15, 2014, the day after celebrating new beginnings by proposing to my wife, I returned to my city in turmoil. Many mourned the death of Michael Brown. The raw footage on the news and social media outlets depicted outrage and uprising.

Ferguson was in a state of emergency, and I was only five minutes away in Jennings where I grew up. Bridging our communities halfway between is Buzz Westfall Plaza. Normally shoppers go to this plaza to buy household items, groceries, and clothing, but in mid-August of that year it was almost inaccessible. In the middle of the parking lot, I saw what appeared to be an outdoor police station, national news satellites, and the National Guard’s tanks. A battle was unfolding.

This revolution was televised, so the propaganda of the aftermath began to spread. However, many of the messages reinforced a stigma too commonly known – the fear of the black male. Read more here

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