Healing Policies for Black Male Development

PI Sean Joe, PhD

If you agree to participate, you can complete an interview over the phone or on ZOOM with one of our research assistants. The interview will take approximately thirty minutes and consist of nine open-ended questions that will allow you to highlight any perceived barriers related to policies and advocacy efforts that impact your capacity to serve Black boys and young men ages 12-29 at your organization. You can alternatively complete an online survey on your own.

To participate in this study you must meet the following criteria:

  • Practitioners and administrators who work at organizations that provide direct services to Black boys and young men ages 12-29 in the St. Louis region (City and County) that focus on their individual health, educational attainment, employment with livable wages, public safety, and/or civic engagement.

If you are interested in participating or have questions about the Healing Policies for Black  Male Development  project, feel free to email the Healing Policies Project Coordinator, Alyssa Finner (homegrown@wustl.edu with subject heading: Healing Policy Research. In the body of the message provide the following information:

Full name

Contact telephone number

Best time to call

We look forward to hearing from you!