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The Black Boys & Men: Changing the Narrative

The Black Boys & Men: Changing the Narrative podcast series brings together thought leaders from the public and private sectors to analyze stereotypes and dispel myths concerning Black boys and men, while providing facts and best practices for those working with these often marginalized populations. The series calls into question issues of systemic racism and oppression and provides concrete steps to prevent and address many of the issues that disproportionately affect Black boys and men, including health disparities, incarceration, trauma, and violence. Learn more about the podcast here.

Dr. Sean Joe is featured on Episode 3: Preventing Suicide. This episode focuses on suicide prevention efforts geared towards young black men. Despite the progress that we have made, suicide continues to be a taboo subject in many communities, which makes it all the more important to notice the signs and symptoms of depression, and have access to support.

Listeners can find the latest episodes of Black Boys & Men: Changing the Narrative on multiple platforms. Make sure you are subscribed to receive regular updates automatically as each episode is released. If you need help subscribing, check these step-by-step instructions (PDF) for subscribing on your device. For additional help, please contact the McSilver Institute.

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