Jasmine Green

Jasmine Green

Graduate Research Assistant

Jasmine is a first-year MSW graduate student at the Brown School of Social Work at Washington University in St. Louis. She is working on the Mentoring Connection Pilot Project.

Coming from the University of South Florida, Jasmine worked, as part of her undergraduate program, at the Gulf Beaches Historical Museum in St. Petersburg, FL to digitize pieces of their collection to the Library of Congress after several artifacts were damaged by Hurricane Irma. She was also part of a team that added an exhibit about LGBTQ+ experiences in the Gulf Beaches, collecting oral histories and presenting them to the community at a town meeting. This exhibit sparked an ongoing project at Jasmine’s undergraduate institution, the University of South Florida, where students can continue collecting oral histories in an effort to create more nuanced representations of under-served populations in our history.

In addition to her research experience, Jasmine has over 200 hours of documented community service, the majority of which comes from mentoring programs such as Big Brothers Big Sisters of Tampa Bay, TEDx USF, and a pilot NGO called Equip Her that mentors high school girls and gives them access to monthly summits, developing their character and life skills in a collaborative and reflexive environment. 

Jasmine first heard about the RO Lab at the Brown School’s Admitted Students Weekend, where she saw a job opening for the Mentoring Connection Pilot Project. She is very excited and grateful for the chance to expand on her mentoring experience, research best practices, and develop a participatory leadership style. 

In her free time, Jasmine enjoys cooking and baking at home, exploring Forest Park with her dog, and visiting the Botanical Gardens. Upon graduation, she plans to pursue a career in research-to-policy advocacy.