Graham Zulu

Graham Zulu

Former Graduate Research Assistant

Graham is an international MSW student (May 2019) from Zambia at the Brown School with a concentration in International Social and Economic Development and a specialization in Research. Graham Studied BA Development Studies & Demography at the University of Zambia in his undergrad. Then projected to study MSc Regional Development Economics at Ege University in Turkey.

He is a Graduate Research Assistant for the “Regional Consortium of Higher Education Initiatives for Black Males” project at the Brown School Race & Opportunity under the guidance of Dr. Sean Joe.

He is also a Graduate Research Assistant (Interviewer and Data Analyst) for the Fathers’ Support Center project at the Brown School Evaluation Center. He has professional experience in survey development, archival and administrative research, and data entry. Graham has expertise in generating research proposals and reports as well as gathering and analyzing statistical data using STATA, SPSS, SAS, Microsoft Programs and ArcGIS.

Graham is a Daniel Sanders International Social Work Scholar. His research interests include socio-economic policy, international migration, HIV prevention, political economy, international trade, and global economic policy.

Graham has an excellent multicultural understanding with a proficiency in English, Nyanja and Turkish. He likes taking photos, cooking, and reading books, especially conspiracy, history, geography and science genres.