“Homegrown Black Males” is a partnership between HomeGrown StL at the Brown School of Social Work at Washington University in St. Louis and The St. Louis American. It will be edited by Sean Joe, Benjamin E. Youngdahl Professor and associate dean at the Brown School, and Chris King, managing editor of The American (under the guidance of the paper’s publisher and executive editor, Donald M. Suggs).

You will hear from black male colleagues of the editors, but mostly we will share community voices: black males from very young ages to very seasoned black male voices. We will share the voices of black males from a wide range of income strata, occupations and neighborhoods. We will report on a wide variety of programs, projects and organizations that already are doing this necessary work and joined as member of HomeGrown StL in reimagining St. Louis as a desirable region for black boys to grow up and for black young men to work.