HomeGrown StL is launching the STL 2020 Census Challenge!

We convened the U.S Census St. Louis Black Men Count – Complete Count Committee (BMC-CCC), which is a partnership with the fraternities and sororities, HomeGrown StL agencies, local community organizations, and advocates to embrace a “complete the count @home” strategy by taking the 2020 Census Challenge! 

Listen to this radio interview  of Dr. Sean Joe and members of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. Omicron Eta Omega Chapter with Host BJ on the importance of filling out the 2020 Census survey.

About the Challenge

The primary purpose of this 2020 Census Challenge is to ensure that every Black households in Saint Louis complete the 2020 U.S. Census on their own by October 31, 2020.  We are especially focused on making sure that Black males, ages 18-29 years, are counted in their households.

Adults can respond for their families in one of three ways: online, by phone, or by mail. Respond at 2020CENSUS.GOV or call one of the toll-free numbers listed on your invitation.   

The 2020 Census is more than a population count; it’s an opportunity to shape the future of our community. Simply put, if black men are not counted, then when the nation is deciding on the amount of federal dollars spent in our neighborhoods or who will represent your vote—we won’t count!


HomeGrown StL will be hosting a celebration over Zoom meetings on the last Friday of each month at Noon. In this celebration, social organizations will reveal their challenge numbers and how many have reached 100%!



As of August 6th, the 2020 Census household self-response rate for Saint Louis City is at 51.6%, which is well below the 74.1% and 64.6% self-response rates for St. Louis County and Missouri.

Can Saint Louis City and County of Saint Louis both achieve the goal of a self-response rate of 100% households by October 31, 2020.

Follow along by checking the response rates here.

St. Louis City

St. Louis County

Take the Challenge

HomeGrown StL is challenging every Black fraternity, sorority, or social organization in our region and nationally to be the first organizations to document they have achieved a complete and accurate count of:

  • Every social organization achieve 100% complete count among their members by October 31, 2020

To document your chapters have achieved a 100% complete count we have designed virtual stickers for them to use on social media or they can design their own!

HomeGrown StL will launch this on Facebook and other social media to promote that individuals also encourage their family and friends to take the 2020 Census Challenge! Set goals or competitions to see which household will be the first to complete the count! Celebrate via Zoom or Facetime, Messenger!

Fill out the 2020 StL Census Challenge “Complete the Count” Verification form to take the challenge!


Promote the Challenge by using the following hashtag:


Complete the 2020 U.S. for your households! Children and Adolescents, make sure your parents complete the 2020 Census today!


We have created these very attractive virtual sticker that can be used as a profile photo or to post on social media to document completed 2020 Census or a chapter has achieved 100% complete count of Black households among its members.

Facebook Profile Frame:

On Facebook, click “Update” on your profile image and select “Add a Frame,” then search for the frames using the keyword “HGStL” or “HGSTL.” Once you found the frame you want, select “Use as Profile Picture” and you can determine how long you would like to use the frame. There are frames for Alpha, AKA, Kappa, Omega, Delta,  Sigma, Zeta, SGRHO, and Iota too.


Design your own “Counted” sticker and post on social media! You can also use ours: